Sack Mike Simpson

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It’s time to replace Mike Simpson with a principled conservative

It’s pretty obvious from his record that Congressman Mike Simpson feels much more comfortable in Washington D.C. than he does in Idaho.

Idaho Republicans are ready for change; they are ready to send a new Republican to Washington who will force Idaho values on the federal government, not the other way around. And gauging by the amount of grassroots support that Bryan Smith has already received, it looks like Simpson’s days are numbered.

Read our complete endorsement of Bryan Smith.

Big government? Mike's TOTALLY on board.

Out-of-control Spending

As a top member of the Appropriations Committee, Simpson has never met a spending bill he didn’t like or a spending cut he could support.

He even voted against the $100 billion in spending cuts promised by the GOP Pledge to America in 2011.

[RC #103, Feb 18, 2011]

Expanding Welfare

Voted for massive $940 billion Food Stamp/Farm bill [RC #286, June 20, 2013]

School Choice

One of just nine Republicans to vote against school choice program in D.C .– Opportunity Scholarship [RC #204, Mar 30, 2011]

Crushing Debt

Voted for the massive $2.4 trillion debt limit increase that gave Obama a free ride though his reelection bid [RC #691, Aug 8, 2011]

Green Energy Handouts

Voted against ending the program to subsidize Obama’s pet green energy companies like Solyndra [RC #538, June 11, 2011]

Massive Tax Increases

One of just 16 Republicans to vote for the $1.2 trillion Simpson-Bowles tax increases [RC #145, Mar 28, 2012]. Voted for the “Fiscal Cliff” tax hikes – the largest tax increases in American history, coupled with $332 billion in stimulus spending [RC #659, Jan 1, 2013]

Internet Sales Tax

Supports an interstate tax scheme to institute an Internet sales tax [The Hill, May 15, 2012]

Medicare Expansion

Voted to create the Medicare Part D – a $14 trillion unfunded liability [RC #332, June 27, 2003]

Federal Private Property Grabs

Was one of only 31 Republicans to vote against restricting Eminent Domain power to grab private land [RC #350, June 30, 2005]

Funding for the United Nations

Voted against barring funds for expanding anti-American UN facilities in the United States [RC #342, June 28, 2006]

Crushing Energy Tax/Ethanol Mandate

Voted for the 2007 Energy Bill – the Obamacare of energy, which mandated crushing burdens and standards on cars, fuel producers, and appliances [RC #1177, Dec 18, 2007]

TARP Bailouts

Voted for the massive $700 billion bailout of irresponsible banks [RC #681, Oct 3, 2008]

Idaho Values? Mike's TOTALLY out of touch.


Even before going to Washington, Mike Simpson did not share Idaho values. While in the Idaho legislature he opposed restrictions on abortion and said “I have a tendency to lean toward the pro-choice side of the argument.” (Lewiston Morning Tribune, 10/31/91)

He is also a member of the pro-choice, anti-conservative group, Republican Main Street Partnership.

Gun Control

In 1999, he supported mandatory trigger locks for new handgun purchases despite the protests of his constituents. He also voted for mandatory background checks imposed on Idaho gun shows. [RC #244, June 18, 1999]


In 2004, Mike Simpson tried to pressure state lawmakers to abandon a constitutional amendment protecting the institution of marriage. (Associated Press, July 29, 2004)

Funding Sex Education: Voted against defunding National Institute of Health sex study programs which included studying licentious sexual practices [RC #352, July 10, 2003]

Illegal Immigration

Voted for Amnesty for those who came here illegally [RC #53, 2002]


Mike Simpson was one of just three Republicans to vote against cutting off taxpayer funding for the radical liberal and corrupt ACORN [RC #397, June 2, 2011]

Bryan Smith for Congress